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positioned to become a major supplier of critical metals and rare earth elements; 
the first NORTH AMERICAN company to commercially produce and sell monazite SOURCED FROM THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO into the GLOBAL market

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AUXICO RESOURCES CANADA INC., CSE: AUAG, OTCQB: AUXIF ("AUXICO" or the "Company) is a Canadian company founded in 2014, focused on the production of critical minerals and high-value metals, including niobium, tantalum, platinum group metals (such as platinum and iridium), and rare earth elements. The Company is the exclusive trade agent for rare earth concentrates from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), these rare earths are typically used as permanent magnet materials, and the concentrates sold include grades up to 16.92% neodymium, 4.12% praseodymium, along with dysprosium, terbium and gadolinium. The Company owns directly or through joint ventures, mineral rights in Colombia, Bolivia, and Brazil. 


The Company is positioned to be a major supplier of critical minerals and rare earth elements to Western economies, with access to over 3 million tonnes of such minerals - the largest deposits outside of China. 


This includes ±1 million metric tonnes (MMT) of rare earths and other critical metals such as coltan out of Colombia, ±1 MMT of rare earths in Brazil, ±1 MMT of rare earths and critical minerals in the DRC, along with critical mineral resources in Bolivia, collectively with rare earth (RE) concentrates containing in average a total rare earth oxide content (TREO) in excess of 54-63%. 

The Company has licensed a technology called the Ultrasound Assisted Extraction (UAEx), which has been proven successful at recovering rare earths (84%+ recoveries in solution), as well as other critical minerals.

AUXICO holds 100% interest in the Zamora Property (Mexico), which is host to over 15 historical mines and workings, stretching along a 6 km NE-SW trending structure southeast of the city of Culiacan. The historical mines have indicated grades sampled by the company up to 10 kg/t of silver and 20 g/t of gold.




AUXICO and CENTRAL AMERICA NICKEL (“CAN”) have entered into a joint venture agreement which provides AUXICO access to CAN's patented technology for the processing and extraction of critical minerals, including rare earth elements, from AUXICO’s various properties. By eliminating the use of pressure processing, thus minimizing temperature, reducing energy requirements, chemical inventory, and by default emissions and waste, while increasing overall recovery rates, CAN’s Ultrasound Assisted Extraction (UAEx) can adhere to the most stringent environmental standards. 

This technology is a proprietary leaching extraction method utilizing already existing commercial grade ultrasound technology to significantly shorten the timeline and reduce the cost of extracting high value metals. AUXICO, alongside CAN and other technology partners, have developed a solution to remove radioactive thorium from RE reserves, making the concentrate non-radioactive and eligible for international shipping. Using UAEx, the thorium content in the concentrate was reduced to less than 0.1%, furthermore UAEx is very effective on high-value rare earth samples, achieving +80% recoveries of select rare earth elements. 


AUXICO also has worldwide rights to an environmentally friendly, mercury-free, cyanide-free gold and silver extraction process in order to re-direct artisanal mining towards sustainable processing. The Minamata Convention was created in order to eliminate the use of mercury which causes harm to human health and the environment - around  20 million artisanal miners around the world use mercury for mining. 



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