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We are pleased to confirm that Auxico Resources Canada Inc. supports the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and intends to become an “EITI supporting company” following completion of the sign-up process. As an EITI supporting company, we understand that a representative of the company will become a Member of the EITI Association with all associated rights and obligations under the EITI Articles of Association. On behalf of the company, the Member will promote the objective of the EITI Association to make the EITI Principles and the EITI Standard the internationally accepted standard for transparency in the energy and mining sectors. 


We express our commitment to the Expectations for EITI supporting companies and recognize that increased transparency can promote understanding of natural resource management, strengthen public and corporate governance, reduce corruption, and provide data to inform greater transparency and accountability in the energy and mining sectors. Supporting companies, working together with governments and citizens, aim to deliver natural resources in a manner that benefits societies and communities.

We recognize EITI supporting companies uphold the EITI Standard through reporting in EITI implementing countries where they operate. Supporting companies further support EITI implementation through their representatives’ membership in the EITI Association, by meeting the Expectations and an annual financial contribution to the international management of the EITI. 

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